What’s Next?


Social media is obviously something that’s an amazing tool which also brings the world together in many different ways. It’s revolutionized communication, marketing, public relations, and even played a major role in transforming countries in places like Egypt, for example. It’s also become an important player in the business world.  But as we move forward into the 21st century, what’s next? What else can social media bring to the table? Have we reached the pinnacle, or is there something new along the horizon?

One of the biggest players in the social media realm is Facebook. Some will argue that Twitter is the biggest player in the social media sphere, but there’s no debating that as far as revenue generating platforms is concerned, Facebook is it. In 2015 and beyond, many new social platforms will attempt to replicate what has made Facebook such a success, all while promising better privacy and less ads, but the odds are severely stacked against these new platforms. Facebook (and Twitter) have been able to amass millions upon millions of active users in a short amount of years. For instance, Facebook has more than 1 billion users, and Twitter is averaging roughly 271 million active users per month. Generating and maintaining the massive user base that these two giants sustain on a daily basis will be tough, and may be a task a hair too difficult to achieve.

So what’s next with social media? Well, that’s difficult to say. New startups are a dime a dozen and Silicon Valley will probably continue to churn them out until the latest tech bubble bursts. And one thing is for sure, something new will eventually come, but at the pace the market is moving, it’s tough to say when that will be.

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