Is LinkedIn Poised To Be The Next Media Giant?


We all know LinkedIn has become a heavyweight in the social media landscape — especially for businesses and business professionals. In William Arruda’s latest article in Forbes, he looks at LinkedIn’s potential to become the next media giant.

The statistics show LinkedIn’s great positioning in the social media realm, and they have more than 330 million members. Arid points out that there’s a potential of 330 million authors with the same number of readers. Because of such a large user base, this allows LinkedIn to enjoy explosive growth with content distribution and become a major disruptor in the media world as well.

Further, Arruda points to even more statistics that show most users have posted at least one long-form blog post, and also have an average connection base of more than 1000 users. Moreover, there are roughly 2.1 million groups on the site, and each member is connecting with other users well beyond their core connections.

Over the past year, Arruda highlights the fact that LinkedIn has evolved into a much larger presence, especially in the professional side of things. With the introduction of LinkedIn Pulse and LinkedIn Today, it’s obvious they are creating a platform that creates engagement with their users. Also, with their Influencer program, which has been wildly successful, allows Linked-In selected leaders to target a much more focused business-oriented audience.

For people looking to build their brand and ultimately engage their audience, LinkedIn has become a platform that allows professionals a place to share thoughtful and engaging content with millions of members. LinkedIn is poised to continue its growth into 2015, and as a blogging platform for professionals, it’s hard to find a better outlet.

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