1. Excellent video. I think it is awesome that you used this platform to reach out to others in need. Thanks again for sharing your personal story so that it can benefit others. I can empathize with this topic because my father committed suicide in 2010 after a long stretch of being unemployed and suddenly not having the finances to purchase anti-depression drugs that he had been taking for 25 years. The consequence was an affected brain chemistry that led him down a road of depression and a feeling that he had no self-worth. I encourage anyone out there that is having these feelings to seek out help. There are others out there that can relate to what you are going through and will provide the encouragement that you need to make it through.


  2. I’m big part of PTSD programs and support any site that run the programs! Growing up in a civil war of Lebanon I’ve seen, hurt, felt the pains! I admire your help and support and welcome to Indianapolis!


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