Counting My Blessings: Being Thankful for Life and Grateful for The People Around Me


I know I’ve spoken a lot about my time in the military and some of the hardships I’ve endured. Some of my stories and posts may sound overly negative, and if it comes across that way, well I apologize for that. What I would like to share in this post is that deep down, I’m constantly counting my #blessings and am trying to be grateful for where I am in life.

As this semester winds down for graduate school at IUPUI, I’ve really started to think about my personal growth over the past four months. Now, some of you may say to yourself “personal growth in a handful of months”? My answer to that is a resounding “yes”. As I look back over the past couple of months, having the ability to work with great professors and getting to know some awesome friends have enabled me to grow and overcome some of my unease about leaving the military.

Something I’ve come to truly believe is that a simple act of saying “thank you” can make a big difference in a person’s life. Calling them, emailing them, stopping by to say thank you … sometimes just taking the time to stop and say thanks can be make a big difference in someone’s life. What I’ve discovered over the years, is that people like being appreciated for who they are and what they do … and that matters.

So first off, I want to say thank you to Ben Risinger for giving me the opportunity to understand the power of #socialmedia and also giving me the tools (and education how) to blog about some things and situations I may not have ever discussed openly if it wasn’t for this class. I hope this doesn’t come across like some lame attempt to brownnose, as that’s certainly not the case. But this class in particular has forced me to talk about many things I wouldn’t have done so otherwise if it wasn’t for this opportunity. So thanks Professor Risinger.

Additionally, there are a couple of friends I’ve met at IUPUI (Ryan Brown and Thomas Lutes) that I’m very thankful for as well. There are many other, but these two in particular are the ones who I’ve gotten to know a little more than most. What I appreciate about them is the fact they are both great human beings and also excellent peers who I look up to for guidance and direction in this Public Relations graduate program. I’m very grateful for their friendship and mentorship, and look forward to getting to know them more in the coming months and years. Thanks guys.

What I believe is that giving thanks makes people happier and more resilient. People tend to take for granted the good that is already present in their lives. When someone does something nice for you, however small, try to remember to say thank you and extend your gratitude. Giving thanks is a great way to remind yourself that there is good in just about everything.


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