Sometimes Life Throws You Curve Balls


Life will throw you curve balls… Just keep fouling them off. The right pitch will come.Rick Maksian

Everyonedealswith adversity — it’s part of life.Many times, adversity comes in the form of relationshipsand sometimes it comes in the form of academics. Athletes face adversity on the fieldand there are times when people will face adversity in the form of finances.

The last part of the quote actually says, ‘the right pitch will come, but when it does, be prepared to run the bases.” What I’ve discovered in life is that many times, you will be challenged. You will face challenges in lifethat many times you think you won’t be able to make it through. But deep down,you must keep struggling through that adversity,because remember, the struggle is not the end state.And just like Rick Maksian says, once that right pitch comes, you have to do more than just…

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